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1/28/2019 - 1/30/2019 | Conference

Cybertech in Tel Aviv


About conference

CyberTech is the go to conference for everything related to innovations in the sector of cyber security.

This year's conference has been organized in Tel Aviv, which attracted many industry leaders, large companies, and government officials. The event organized in Tel Aviv was one of the largest outside the USA revolving around topics ranging from Cyber Defense Concepts, Big Data and Intelligence to Secured Cloud.

CyberTech is organized around the world, with a global reach. The focus is on topics relating to technology innovations in the sector of data security and concerning modern threats in the industry. This year the whole cyber Industry has meet up in Tel Aviv in Israel. We were there along with all the global technological innovators that represented a whole wide array of tech sectors. This event attracts all sectors including critical infrastructure, health and government, defense, R&D, manufacturing, and more! We were here to present our innovation in the hosting market, which is of course Dynamic Hosting.

People that attended this event represent a whole wide array of organizations, that included top executives, government officials, leading decision-makers from a wide range of sectors. This was also an opportunity to exchange ideas and connect with other business to establish a new direction of where to take our future development. This is part of our design process where we gather and researched the information in many fields in order to provide a product that delivers to a wide variety of customers. CyberTech has showed us how important it is to have security as the core of our products. We have built our products with security in mind from the start when designing our dPanel.

We were able to demonstrate the capabilities of Dynamic Hosting which is a robust solution that combines security, great uptime and scalability. It was presented as an innovation in the hosting industry, what is unique is the technology behind it. Thanks to our advanced algorithms we are able to provide an insane amount of performance on the go in an automated way this is something that is needed by most modern iterations of hosting technologies. We also had a chance to talk to potential users that visited our booth. The conversations we had have provided us with much insight into the trends and a new way of thinking about web-based technology. Everyone that visited us also had a chance to leave a business card, so we could stay in touch after the event came to an end.

It has become our tradition to hold a raffle, so during the event there was an opportunity to win an Apple Watch. We are glad that we could present our product to a wider audience. This is one of many events to come this year. We are preparing to meet up again this time in London during Cloud Expo Europe.