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Dynamic Hosting - Truly scalable web hosting

It’s scalable like a cloud or even better.

It guarantees resources like in dedicated servers but not so expensive.

It’s easy-to-use like a shared hosting.

Suitable for large-scale website administrators.

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Start enjoying heavy traffic, not worrying about it

  • Real-time Autoscaling automatically allocates resources to the current demands of traffic.
  • Unlike cloud hosting, resources are then automatically scaled back down without you having to lift a finger.
  • 1GB RAM, 1GHz CPU, and a 10 GB SSD mean that you’re in safe hands. Only pay for the extra resources that you use.

Reduce costs and save headaches with super-easy hosting management

  • No need for technical skills or knowledge like in the case of dedicated solutions.
  • Management is taken care of within the simple, intuitive and purpose-built dPanel.
  • Relax knowing that we’re taking care of your backups and security 24/7.

Stress less about hosting with our range of included features

Scalable Experience

Our custom designed platform is based on a high performance infrastructure so it can handle even the largest, and most popular websites. You will be able to tap into 24 GHz 64 GB RAM at any time with AutoScaling.

High Performance

The servers are powered by LiteSpeed Web Server which is twice as fast as the current industry standard which are Apache based servers used by other providers. This is due to the fact that LiteSpeed Web Servers respond much faster to queries.

Really High Secure

Our software was custom designed by many expert programmers and developers. Thanks to the fact that we are the authors of this software, we know each and every aspect of how our platform works this is what sets us apart from the competitors on the market. This fact allows us to guarantee that all your data is secure.

Fully Managed

The service is fully managed as opposed to something like a cloud service or a dedicated server. What this means is that our administrators know how everything works, thanks to this fact they can properly manage the server to ensure superb stability and security.

Free SSL Certificates

We fully cooperate with Let’s Encrypt this allows us to ensure that we can provide free certificates for each of our customers websites.

Free Migration

If you choose to use our services, then you don’t have to worry about migrating your sites, and e-mail. We offer to move up to 15 websites and 30 e-mail addresses for free once you purchase Dynamic Hosting. We will also make sure to optimize your sites to ensure the best performance results. Do you have more sites to transfer? Feel free to contact us!

The ideal solution for every web service

Why it's perfect for e-commerce owner?

"I started an online clothing store which has been growing in popularity each and every year. A large part of that is thanks to putting my customers first, and ensuring that my store works regardless of the amount of customers visiting my site. Dynamic Hosting was something I was always looking for in a hosting service. My business has experienced a lot of growth during the current year, and thanks to AutoScaling I didn’t have to migrate to a dedicated server to handle all my traffic. I can organize sales, and promotional campaigns at any time, and the service just works stably thanks to AutoScaling. I only get charged for my hourly use of extra resources."

Barbara Andrews

Barbara Andrews

Why it's perfect for WordPress Developer?

"I have been developing WordPress plugins and themes for a while now, and implementing them on different live test environments. I was amazed on how rapidly fast my plugins, and themes worked as compared to other servers. This is undoubtedly thanks to implementation of LiteSpeed Web Servers that combined with websites supporting LiteSpeed Cache work extremely fast. It’s a pleasure to work on a live server that works very efficiently."

Bobby Kumar

Bobby Kumar

Why it's perfect for design agency?

"As an interactive agency we work with customers on a daily basis that have a high standard regarding the final product as a whole. Thanks to the performance, and stability of servers we are sure that we can deliver a product to my customers with which they will be satisfied. We are participating in their affiliate program that also provides us with after sales passive income from each customer we referred to them."

Justing Anderson

Justin Anderson

Why it's perfect for business website?

"I run a local business website, and rely entirely on my website as a base of contact with my potential customers. The service just works I can deliver my products to my customers, at the right time. I can ensure my future growth with and their services."

Daniel Causey

Daniel Causey

Why it's perfect for blogger?

"I started my blog with they made it super easy to get started. I installed my blog within minutes with their one click install feature. I don’t have much of a technical background, so I rely entirely on the expertise of my hosting provider. With dhositng I don’t have to worry much about maintaining, and running my site. My blog has grown a lot since I started, and I had a couple of blog entries that became viral online. My site was visited by many people at a narrow time frame, and at no point did it start to stutter or experience any issues. It worked extremely fast, and stable with thousands of people visiting in a single instant."

Lee Tien

Lee Tien

Sean Garrity

Sean Garrity from

"In a market dominated by dedicated, shared, and virtual private servers, Dynamic Hosting from offers a fresh alternative. The product’s autoscaling option allows users to dynamically manage resource parameters without the need for complex and costly migrations or upgrades."

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