Free migration
of your website

what you have to do

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    Set up a webhosting account

    It only takes a couple of seconds!
    We offer a 14 day free trial.

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    Pay the invoice

    With Dynamic Edge® with autoscalling, migration will be billed as a deposit for autoscaling.

    We'll transfer up to 15 websites and your email.

    Do you have even more data to transfer? Drop us a line and we'll prepare an individual offer for you.

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    Simply let us know

    Let us know, that you wish to migrate your data by informing our Helpdesk24.

    One of our consultants will gather all the infomration ncessery to provide a smooth migration proces.

    Migration must be well planned. We accept migration declarations 2 weeks before your current hosting contract expires. If your service expires literally in a minute, do not hesiate to write! We'll prepare an individual valuation of accelerated migration.

Migration process

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    Data analysys

    When we determine which pages we have to move, we'll need a while to estimate the implementation time. But we’ll have it done within 24 hours.

    The time it takes for the data transfer depends mainly on the size, the number of pages, and the bandwidth of the previous service provider.

    The speed of migration will be greatly increased if we can use SSH protocol access.

  • 02

    Data migration


    All messages will be copied and transferred to mailboxes already working on our servers. After an effective transfer of data, we will inform you how to change your passwords for individual mailboxes and how to properly configure your email program.


    We''ll transfer files of all your pages to our servers. It is recommended not to make any changes on the sites during this process. It is the most time-consuming stage of all. Once your websites files are copied then we are very close to the finish line.


    At this stage, we copy and transfer all your databases to our servers. As with moving page files, making changes during the process is not advised. If you run a blog or forum on which independently of you comments or posts apperars, we'll migrate databases at night and take care of synchronization.


    After transferring all websites, we verify the correctness of the data. If we notice any errors or problems, we eliminate them immediately.


    It seems that everything works correctly, now you have to change your domain delegation. If you wish, we can do it for you.

  • 03

    Transitional period

    Sometimes migration causes errors on the website, which is why we’ll watch over it for a few days after. If you notice any errors, we'll fix them immediately. Additionally, we'll advise you how to speed up the site.

Why you can trust us?


years of experience and


customer satisfaction offers hosting for high-flying projects. We provide services to thousands of users, with more than 98% of our clients willing to recommend us. Our unique value is our platform, which allows hosting pages ranging from a simple business page to websites visited by millions of people a month.

Our demand for resources is often changing due to marketing campaigns. We decided to choose Dynamic Edge® because it is the only solution that flexibly adjusts the capabilities and costs of the service and at the same time we don't need to worry about the administration of our servers.

Check FAQ

How long does the migration take

The entire migration process, from the moment of submission to a fully working page on our servers, takes an average of 3 business days.

Will my pages work during migration

Of course! Migration has absolutely no effect on websites. Rest assured that your website will be working fine.

Why do I have to pay the invoice before migration? After all, I have a 14 day free trial

Migration of up to 15 websites is completely free. But before we can start, the invoice must be paid to fully activate your hosting account. Payment is in essence a deposit.

Will my website migrated to servers respond faster

After migration, we will advise you on how to optimize the website to work faster. Thanks to these upgrades, in most cases, customer websites achieve much better results.

What will happen to the data that was introduced during the propagation of the delegation change

The data willll be fully synchronized with the version of the website running on our servers. The whole process is carried out in such a way that there will be no differences between the two versions.

Can I transfer my domain to as part of the migration

Sure! To do this, you'll need the authinfo code that you get from the current registrar. The transfer itself only takes a moment and is free for most domains (full price list).

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