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Our mission is to provide hosting for ambitious projects

Having been in the web hosting industry since 2002, we have gained a great deal of experience while working on a wide range of projects. This experience has enabled us to develop our amazing new product, which we are now excited to present! Our greatest achievements include the development of our own hosting panel, the building of our fully redundant server system, and the creation of our unique product, Dynamic Hosting.


We are an international company built by an experienced team of webhosting enthusiasts.

The combination of unique software and hardware configurations has allowed us to create a game-changing product. We believe that the control and innovation we offer will lead to a change in the status quo of the web hosting market. We pay close attention to technical details — our infrastructure is continuously monitored and maintained.


We pay exceptional attention to keeping our systems up to date and introducing newest technologies.

Our solutions are always tested by an experienced team to deliver the highest quality of services. Our software and hardware providers ale always selected from among the best companies including: Supermicro, CISCO, Microsoft, HP, and IBM.


We are proud to offer the perfect solution to ensure that your website will be always available online.

Independent and redundant computing clusters are located in our TIER-3 data center. We use carrier grade internet links for data exchange and multiple power sources of each rack - including our own power generator and UPS sections.

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  • Open positions

    Sales Specialist


    Where?: Remotely
    We are looking for the best employees wherever they live

    Form of employment: Contract/B2B


    • Aquiring clients via phone / email.
    • Preparing sales offers.
    • Account management.
    • Reporting in CRM system.


    • Conscientiousness.
    • Excellent communication skills.
    • Computer literate.
    • Experience in sales.
    • Fluency in both written and spoken English
    • Knowledge of the IT/Webhosting services market would be an advantage.


Company history - stages of development

  • 03/2018
  • 05/2018
  • 09/2018
  • 11/2018
  • 03/2018

    This is the month we have launched our product to the global market, we have introduced a totally new way of thinking about hosting in general with the introduction of Dynamic Hosting. The goal was to introduce an innovative one of a kind product that has the potential to be recognizable worldwide, with a totally unique approach to providing a hosting service.

    With the introduction of Dynamic Hosting we also had to rethink the whole management system of the service, this was also the right time to introduce our dPanel which we designed from the ground up to work well with the new hosting model. The dPanel is a fresh look at how a control panel should be designed, it is a new standard of management that provides the ease-of-use with great functionality. The main idea for building a new control panel rather than relying on already proven solution, was to build an ergonomic, light, and accessible system for managing all of your services in one place. We made it easier for the end user to understand and use.

  • 05/2018

    We have received one of the first reviews of our service which accurately described how everything works from a customer’s perspective. This review also was one of first recommendations, which showed us that we are going in the right direction and are establishing new trends on the hosting market.

  • 09/2018

    We went to the TechCrunch Disrupt event in San Francisco, which is one of the most significant series of conferences related to technology in the world. This event at San Francisco is one of the first events we have taken a part of this year. We were glad to take part in this event as one of the sponsors.

    More here: https://dhosting.com/techcrunch-disrupt-2018.html

  • 11/2018

    We have visited Web Summit in Lisbon as one of the exhibitors and partners amongst really big companies like Apple, Samsung, Pinterest, Twitch or Slack. This was a one of the more memorable events as we enjoyed being there, we have gathered a lot of feedback and user experiences.

    More here: https://dhosting.com/web-summit-lisbon.html

    CloudEXPO is a conference that focuses on Cloud Computing. This is an obligatory event for every administrator, so we of course had to attend. We closed this year with a great success not only did we managed to launch our product but managed to participate in many events. This was the last event that we attended in 2018.

    More here: https://dhosting.com/cloudexpo-2018.html