Technical specification

General parameters

  • CPU

    Heart of our services are Intel Xeon E5-2680v4 processors.   In basic subscription model you receive 1GHz CPU so at least twice more than in the highest shared hosting standard packages elsewhere. Without even a single contact with our support you can scale your service up to 24 GHz.

    1 GHz

  • RAM

    In standard package you receive 1GB of RAM. Our competitors in their basic packages offers 256 MB per single PHP process. You can scale your RAM up to 256 GB without contacting our support team.

     1 GB 

  • SSD Storage

    We use only SSD Enterprise drives. For $1.00 in basic plan you receive entire 10 GB of disc space available for website and e-mail. You can scale it up to 1 TB without contacting our support. IOPS: 500.

    10 GB

  • Connection speed

    5.5 Tbps bandwidth capacity and 99.999% uptime, 25 IXs and 36 PoPs worldwide and multiple 10GE and 100GE uplinks.

    1 Gbps

  • Email accounts

    No limit

  • MySQL databases

    No limit

  • Domains and FTP accounts

    No limit

  • Bandwidth

    No limit

  • Backups every night, kept for a full 3 days.

  • Backup on demand

  • SSL certificate installation

  • SSH Access

  • Uptime / SLA


Usage limits

  • Maximum number of files

    No limit

  • Maximum database size

    No limit

  • Maximum email box size

    No limit

  • Number of sent emails

    No limit

  • Number of database queries

    No limit

  • Number of PHP processes

    No limit


  • LiteSpeed

    Alternative web server increasing efficiency of websites by 2,5. Supporting HTTP/2.

  • PHP versions

    5.4, 5.5, 5.6,
    7.0, 7.1, 7.2

  • Available PHP modules

    Click on PHP version to move to phpinfo.

    5.4, 5.5, 5.6,
    7.0, 7.1, 7.2

  • CRON Jobs

    Each minute

  • MariaDB 10.1

    Equivalent of MySQL 5.6. Available data storage: InnoDB, MyISAM.

  • ImageMagick

  • IonCube

  • AntySPAM

  • Antivirus

Management tools

  • Email available via browser

  • Access to phpMyAdmin

  • File Manager via browser

  • iOS, Android, Windows Phone App

Management Panel features:

  • Application autoinstaller

  • FTP accounts management

  • Domain and subdomain management

  • Catch-All

  • AntySpam Management

  • Email importer

  • Aliases and email redirection

  • Email autoresponder

  • Email whitelists / blacklists

  • Website analytics

  • Website access management

  • Pairing of databases, FTP and files with WWW

  • Creating users of MySQL

  • Remote access to MySQL databases

Paid Extras

  • Memcached

    Under development